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Investing in basement renovations adds resale value and priceless livable space to your home.

If you have a partial or full basement under your home that isn’t finished, or isn’t as nice as you would like, you should seriously consider the advantages of basement renovations. Investing in basement renovations adds resale value and priceless livable space to your home.

Basement Renovations in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At Crawford Home Improvements, we often hear of people moving because their current home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina no longer works for their family’s needs. We can sometimes help you avoid the challenges of moving by making quality improvements to your existing home.

There are many different types of basement renovations you can consider, including:

  • Additional bedrooms and bathrooms: One of the most common requests we get is to create extra bedrooms and bathrooms in the basement space.
  • Adding special living space: Maybe you want to create a cozy den, a man cave, a media room, a hobby room, or something else entirely. We can help bring your unique vision to reality.
  • Creating a separate living quarter: There are multiple reasons you may want to create an in-law suite or full apartment in your basement area. Perhaps an adult child or elderly parent needs a space to live, or you may be looking to add the possibility of short-term or long-term rental income to your home.

From design to finishing the build, we can take care of every aspect of your desired basement renovations. This kind of project can be complex, but with decades of experience, we can cover all the details and work through the decision-making process with you to ensure you get the basement space you desire. Contact us now to discuss your exciting vision for your basement.

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