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Make your bathroom both functional and enjoyable with our bathroom remodeling services.

Your Clemmons, North Carolina bathroom should be the most comfortable room in your house! The style, the layout and the decor should be not only pleasant to look at, but it should make your life easier. No matter how much time you spend in the bathroom, the time you spend there should be time that you enjoy.

Bathroom Remodeling in Clemmons, North Carolina

If your bathroom is uncomfortable, not working properly for your needs or is horribly outdated, then it might be time to remodel your bathroom into a room that you’ll love. Here at Crawford Home Improvements, you can trust us to undertake your bathroom remodeling job. We’ve got everything you need to turn your bathroom into a room that reflects your own style. Because we here at Crawford Home Improvements partner with suppliers in the area, we can offer a variety of options regarding materials, color and style for your bathroom. This is especially helpful when you are choosing materials for the vanity and fixtures, since they are among the most important elements when it comes to the design of your bathroom.

Another crucial design choice to be made when undertaking a bathroom remodeling project is the right kind of flooring. Your bathroom flooring needs to be durable, attractive, and something you wouldn’t mind stepping on with bare feet! We specialize in providing our customers with exactly the kind of flooring they need. Our friendly advisors will be more than happy to help you decide which option is right for you. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our gallery of previous bathroom remodeling work.

​To get a free quote for your bathroom remodeling project, contact us here at Crawford Home Improvement today.

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