How to Use Your Outdoor Pergola in Cold Weather

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Outdoor spaces can be a great place to spend your time! While many people outfit their outdoor spaces to suit their needs during the summertime, there is no reason why you can’t make some adjustments and spend a bit of time outside during cooler weather, too. Here at Crawford Home Improvements, we love helping people find ways to enjoy the outdoors at any time of year, and we would love the chance to tell you about some options that will allow you to use your outdoor pergola all through the year.

How to Use Your Outdoor Pergola in Cold Weather

One of the first things you’ll need to do to use your outdoor pergola is ensure that it is properly winterized to handle the elements. Before the weather starts to really chill, make sure your outdoor pergola has been properly painted, stained or has other protection from the elements. This is especially important if you live in areas that will see plentiful rainfall or experience humidity.

Next, you’ll want to set up your outdoor pergola to be comfortable in the cold weather. This can be done by adding curtains, blinds or other materials that can at least partially enclose the space. These options do not have to be permanent in nature, but can be very convenient options for cooler weather.

Finally, set up a seating and heating area. Depending on the size and shape of your pergola, a few or many people will be able to sit comfortably within your pergola. For heating and comfort, choose a firepit or even a patio heater to warm the space.

If you have questions about warming up your outdoor pergola for use in the winter, we would love to help you. For more information, please contact us today.