7 Ideas for Revamping Your Outdoor Living Space [infographic]

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When the weather warms up, you can’t help yourself – you want to spend more time outside. Make this a possibility whenever you want to relax, entertain, or hang out with the perfect outdoor living space right outside your back door. Here are some doable ideas for enhancing your outdoor area and making it a better spot to spend some time.

7 Ideas for Revamping Your Outdoor Living Space [infographic]

1. Light it up—Outdoor lighting makes a big difference when it comes to safety, ambiance, and functionality. Hang some string lights from your roof, add solar lights along walkways, and light up landscaping features, like your prized flower beds, for example.

2. Invest in a deck—Although a deck will cost a bit to install, adding this customized feature to your outdoor space will pay off with big returns. A deck can become the focal point of your outdoor living space, making it easier to cook outdoors, relax, and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

3. Put up a pergola—A custom pergola can add shade to your yard for those warmer, sunny days all while enhancing the aesthetic interest of your backyard.

4. Mix it up with your furniture—Your outdoor living space is probably a multipurpose area, so include furniture pieces for different activities. For example, add a table for outdoor dining, an outdoor couch for relaxation, and a swing hanging from your patio for fun.

5. Add accent colors—Colorful pillows, throw blankets, and outdoor rugs are all great options for bringing some color into your outdoor living space. Use the same colors throughout to give the area a more cohesive feel.

6. Install hardscaping—Tiles, stones, pavers, and bricks in the form of walkways, patios, and garden beds can give your outdoor living space visual interest while helping you cut back on how much landscaping you have to maintain.

7. Create a new cooking setup—Putting a grill in your outdoor living space is a given. But you may also want to consider including a pizza oven, a fire pit, or a smoker.