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Our disinfection services can keep you safe from contagious viral and bacterial threats.

Sometimes the most frightening things out there are things that can’t be seen by the naked eye. During the last several decades, we have seen the uprising of some scary viruses and super-bacteria that are not only highly contagious, but hard to kill and many are becoming resistant to standard treatments. Disinfection of surface areas is important no matter where you are in the Clemmons, North Carolina area in order to fight the spread of these microscopic dangers. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, have a healthy staff or worry about someone who is immuno-compromised, our team here at Crawford Home Improvements is able to help you with our fogging and disinfection services.

Disinfection in Clemmons, North Carolina

One of the biggest drawbacks to standard cleaning services is that they don’t always reach all the places where germs can hide. Instead of just wiping down obvious areas and hoping for the best, our disinfection through the use of thermal fogging creates a steam of EPA-approved chemicals that safely and effectively disinfects and sanitizes even hard-to-reach places. This fog permeates furniture, reaches under cubicle walls, works its way up to the ceiling and effectively eliminates potential contamination from super-bacteria, viruses and even includes viruses which originated in animal-to-human transmission.

We here at Crawford Home Improvements do not want to worry you with fearmongering but want to help give you peace of mind with the best, safest and most effective methods of disinfection that we have to offer. If you have someone in your home or office that is particularly susceptible to infections due to a decreased immune response or due to age, this service could be advantageous for you. To learn more about fogging and disinfection, please give us a call today.

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